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We provide our clients best-in-class data to enhance human machine interaction for successful NLP application deployment.
Automatic Speech
Recognition (ASR)
Our data annotation / transcription service has been consistently delivered to enhance ASR related AI solution deployment.
Our annotation platform can significantly reduce overall cost with its state-of-art AI preprocessing functionalities. When it comes to background noise, accent, dialect, filters, or poor-quality audio, human adjustment is equally critical in order to deliver training data with at least 90% accuracy.
Key Differentiators
Native linguists with experience and languages capabilities tailored to client’s requirements
Proven track of record to deliver with top-notch quality standard at a fraction of cost
Deep engagement and high flexibility with clients to accommodate ad-hoc requests throughout all stages of project delivery
Owned global linguistic talent pool to guarantee fast production ramp-up
(TTS) Synthesis
We offer end-to-end TTS synthesis data solution to help generate high quality speech both phonetically and prosodically in a cost-effective manner.
Operational excellence enabled by the state-of-the-art technology
In-house know-how and best practices to deliver results you want precisely and quickly
Global linguists and language experts to partner with you at each stage
Machine Translation
Post Editing (MTPE)
From regular localization service utilizing MT to customized MTPE cross language annotation, Thoth offers all levels of MT and MTPE services to meet your specific needs.
Source files upload
Analysis &
Machine translation
of non-matches
Full post editing by
linguistic experts
Proofreading &
Quality Assurance
Our seasoned MTPE team is committed to providing customized solution catering to your exact requirements in terms of quality level, volume, and budget.
  • Seamless integration with existing localization process
  • Optimized training program to prepare our linguists to perform post-editing efficiently while providing the quality expected by our clients
  • Global talent network including native linguistic experts and industry specialists
  • Relentless dedication to quality
Search Relevance
To stay ahead of competition, most leading organizations have started leveraging deep learning algorithms to enable their search engines to deliver optimal search results, which not only please customers but also lead to further interactions for potential monetization.
Our search relevance services help optimize your search engine algorithm and discover which ranking model works best to boost customer experience, traffic and conversion.
Our Services
SERP (search engine results page) evaluation
Ads evaluation
Sentiment/intent analysis
Text auto-correction
Text classification
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