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Depending on the volume of content and SLA metrics required, we help our clients determine the moderation matrix that best matches your platform, including different combination of human team filter / keyword, AI and user reporting.

Cultural contexts make it increasingly challenging for the smartest AI or filters to determine what content is out of line. What is considered appropriate in one culture may be deemed offensive in another. Therefore, having contextual understanding of a culture and its subtleties is critically important for Content Moderation.
Our moderation team consists of local native speakers who are strictly trained to understand the cultural complexities in relation to dynamic polices of each platform.

Key Metrics
Overkill rate vs. Leakage rate
Blind Review Consistency
It measures how often the same case moderated
by multiple reviewers lead to the same decision.
Turn Around Time
High priority cases require immediate attention and need to be published within 15 minutes or less.
Average handling time (AHT)

Optimized Site Management System
Mature SOP developed over the years has been tested effective to keep leakage and overkill rate at minimum level
We treat our agents decently for
increased loyalty and reduced attrition. As
a result, incidents such as potential brand image damage and even massive service disruption are systematically prevented.
User Experience
Industry best practice in case handling triage has improved platform user experience by reducing publishing delay time to at least 17% lower than industry benchmark.
Our local moderators can apply contextual understanding of cultural delicacy against platform policies and keep overkill rate to minimum level.
Cultural Affinity
All our sites consist of native speakers who have deep understanding of the complexities and sensitivity of local cultures to ensure consistency of content moderation.
Our strong local presence provides unparalleled insights and resources to grow hand-in-hand with our clients who might be a new player in the local market.
Psychological resilience test in the interview
Employee ongoing support implementation
Employ exit interview and retention program
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