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Self-driving Vehicles
Self-driving automobile companies have been increasingly harnessing the power of CV so that cars can automatically perceive their surrounding environment and react with optimal deep learning algorithm.
CV makes it possible to implement large scale traffic management systems with rapidly growing affordable sensors such as CCTV, LiDAR, and even thermal imaging devices, with vehicles detected, tracked, and categorized in multiple lanes simultaneously.
CV allows doctors to detect slight differences between cancerous and non-cancerous images and diagnose data from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans and inputted photos as malignant or benign. Tumor detection software utilizing deep learning is crucial to the medical industry because it can detect tumors at high accuracy to help doctors make their diagnoses. We provide scalable high quality data solution to heighten the accuracy of these diagnoses with improved CV deep learning algorithms.
Financial institutions leverage optical character recognition (OCR) to digitize business processes by automatically transcribing financial documents in high volume such as printed receipts and handwritten records.
CV Service Types
Polygon Сlassification
Keypoint Transcription (OCR)
Bounding box Side-by-side comparison
Segmentation Object tracking and detection
Data collection
CV Data Types
3D Point Cloud (LiDAR/RADAR)
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