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Due to the nature of content moderation, the dedication to reduce stress and prevent mental health issues has always been one of our first priorities.
Over the years of successful operation, a comprehensive and self-evolving program has been developed to safeguard wellness of our employees through industry best practice,
employee questionaries, and most recent psychological research.
Candidate Screening
Psychological resilience test in the interview.
Prior to the interview, candidates are informed that they
will be exposed to disturbing content during the interview.
A disclaimer must be signed, acknowledging awareness of
potential disturbing content exposure during the interview.
Simulated working environment during the interview to assess
psychological resilience.
Employment offers are subject to the test assessment results.
Test materials and assessment standards are updated
periodically according to feedback from exit interview survey
and industry best practices.
Ongoing Support
Proactive Measures
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-Wellness training (3 hours session required for all employees every 6 months)
-Free meals provided daily
-Reimbursement of transportation for night shifters
-Daily promotion of community wellbeing as the core of our company culture
-Monthly resiliency workshop/seminars
-Team building & sports events
Reactive Measures
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-Questionnaires to identify potential target for psychological issues (biweekly)
-Rotation program: employees with potential psychological issues are firstly rotated to work on less disturbing content.
-Paid rest days to recover (subject to further assessment upon return)
-1/1 session with on-site counselors
-Instant appointment with professional psychologists and therapists
Media Exposure Management
• Proactive approach to prevent media exposure
  through training and seminars
• Staying far away from media center is one of the key
  criteria for site selection
• NDA to specify clear rules and consequences
• Media/Privacy awareness training
• Staying low-profile as a key value in our company culture
• Clear guidelines and process descriptions are in
  place for all team members on how to deal with media
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