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We offer customized solutions with 200+ mainstream languages in 100+ countries.
Dual headquartered in the US and Singapore, Thoth is a technology company primarily providing high quality training data for AI deployment, content moderation, global human resources, and digital marketing.
Our Mission
To promote data-driven
AI innovation by enabling our business partners to deploy effective AI solutions and global operations in a cost-effective manner without compromising quality and security
Our Vision
To drive AI to reality from lab
with high quality data
The Thoth Difference
Strong global recruiting and execution capability through 100% owned local companies or JV set up with carefully selected local partners.
Owned global crowdsourcing talent pool to guarantee fast production ramp-up
Native speakers who have deep understanding of the complexities of local cultures to ensure authenticity of transcription and consistency of content moderation
Seasoned project management team for each site to ensure seamless communication with client and delivery team
Expertise in its proactive approach to meet increasing challenges for data security and regulatory compliance
Unparalleled PR and risk management experiences
A comprehensive and self-evolving program has been developed to safeguard wellness of our employees through industry best practice, employee questionaries, and most recent psychological research
Employee Care
Psychological resilience test in the interview
Employee ongoing support implementation
Employ exit interview and retention program
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PR & Data Security
Social media and its AI capabilities are subject to constant and increasing scrutiny by media, especially when it comes to any potential conflict of interest with politics. Quite a few top-tier platforms have suffered from tremendous losses, such as brand image damage and even massive service disruption enforced by local regulators. It is among our top priorities to guard our client’s interest as well as protecting our employees. Therefore, we implement preventive security measures and comprehensive training.
First and foremost, we take good care of employees to increase loyalty and reduce negative PR potentially. Our development of employee wellness program focuses on employee well-being throughout the entire employee lifecycle. For example, we offer tailored payment plan for our crowdsourcing part-timers. Even we barely receive any compensation from our client during initial ramp-up stage due to policy alignment, we always pay our resources fair amount out of our own pocket frequently, sometimes even daily.
Secondly, it is crucial to keep internal communication channels efficient at all levels, making sure our employees' voice heard and properly responded. We also monitor IM project group chat 24/7 so that all issues could be resolved right away without being leaked to press.
Enforced security zones with multiple level of clearance, such as paperless and no electronic devices.
Media Exposure Management
·Proactive approach to prevent media exposure through training and seminars
·Staying far away from media center is one of the key criteria for site selection
·NDA to specify clear rules and consequences
·Media/Privacy awareness training
·Staying low-profile as a key value in our company culture
·Clear guidelines and process descriptions are in place for all team members on how to deal with media
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